Winter 2021

A selection of small plates intended to be shared

lox & borsin

smoked North Sea salmon, whipped goat cheese infused with garlic and herbs served atop a fresh baguette 11

winter salad

fresh spring mix, crisp apples sliced, dried cranberries, walnuts, pickled fermented beets, thyme & gorgonzola dressing 8

coconut shrimp

coconut battered shrimp fried crisp with a mango scotch bonnet aioli 14

steak tips and gorgonzola

grass fed New Zealand angus steak tips sautéed with mushrooms topped with crumbled gorgonzola 18

chickpea popcorn

lightly fried chickpeas tossed in cajun spices  6

cheese board

chef's selection of cheeses and assorted accompaniments 23

add smoked salmon 5

chicken skewers

marinated chicken and soujuk, a spiced turkish sausage served with a garlic yogurt sauce 12

pan seared scallops

wild caught scallops atop an asparagus puree 17

lamb lollipops

New Zealand grass fed lamb, truffled wine reduction, pine nuts. 18 

black truffle fries

skin-on black truffle oil, truffle & herb salt, house ketchup 7 

**In addition to our listed menu items, we feature a variety of daily chef’s selections selected due to their availability throughout the seasons.
Menu is subject to change without notice.