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Learn how to shake, stir, and craft your own cocktails like a pro at our next cocktail class! Join us for a class featuring classic cocktails utilizing a base spirit and several methods or styles of preparation. Classes include: Gin, Tequila, Irish Whiskey, Absinthe, Tiki/Rum, and Brandy. Led by Headmaster, Neil Heimsoth and Dean of Students, Max Ur. 

Classic Craft Cocktails Classes

  • 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm.  Classes will begin at 8 pm and include breaks for students to ask questions and to eat in between cocktails. Each class will feature 3 full-size cocktails that you will be making and enjoying, small class instruction from the experts, and delectable small plates and appetizers. You will learn the history of the spirits, the cocktails, and methods that you will be utilizing as well as professional technique to ensure top quality results. 

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